Kitesurfing Cruise

Kitesurfing Cruise Day by Day

At Hurghada, you will be greeted by our representative and assisted where ever you will start your journey.

Arrival at Hurghada Airport, Egypt

After being welcomed at Hurghada airport you will be transferred to the Boat just 5 minutes away at Hurghada new marina.
We will have dinner on the boat, maybe a drink in the marina if you are not too tired, and then a good night sleep.
You will be sleeping on the boat the first night, and we will be ready to depart on Sunday early morning.
In the event of an early arrival on Friday you can join our team at some of the local spots and overnight in a hotel (on request).

In the early morning we move to one of the best kitesurfing spots of the Red Sea, Tawila Island.
A huge lagoon with crystal clean and shallow water.
Here the adventure begins.
Jump the sand bar or freestyle on glass flat water.
Secluded beach with a great atmosphere, far away from the crowded coasts and cities.
After a full kiting day, a well-deserved drink on the main deck, and after the sunset our crew may teach you how to fish for Calamari!
As we wait for our meal to be prepared you can check out the videos and pictures from the day’s session on our screens.
We will be sleeping in Tawila, ready for an early morning session.

If you are up to it, we will wake up at 6 in the morning for a session before breakfast!
We will spend the full day in Tawila, and move in the afternoon to the second spot, Geisum island where we will sleep for the night

We will spend the full day in Geisum.
During the Northern most part of our safari we’ll travel between the islands with the advantage of the perfect side shore wind.
Why not take a look under your board? The water here is so clear that you’ll easily see the dolphins as they glide through the water.
A real unspoiled area and a great place to take advantage of our kayaks and snorkeling equipment to explore the color full coral below the surface.
Also, a great place for wakeboarding, as it is very quiet and flat!

Before breakfast we will start a 10 km downwind ride to our next spot! The boat and our rescue team will follow us to give us that extra aspect of safety.
Starting with flat water, we’ll head outside to catch some serious swell. It’s time to try some big carving and high jumps.
We’ll finish the day’s session back on Geisum. This is a great chance to explore the lagoons you missed last time as the area is very large.
We will be sleeping in Geisum.

again in Tawila

Early morning ride on the island lagoon. A good chance for a final picture session. We finish kiting around midday and enjoy a hearty lunch before heading back to Hurghada.
Gear will be cleaned and packed at the marina. Still have energy for more fun? We’ll head out for a night in one of the area’s most popular beach nightclubs. We sleep one last night on the boat in the marina.

It’s time for goodbye! After lunch, we will leave the boat. If you have a later flight, we can go enjoy some kiting spots in Hurghada, or just chill at a nearby beach till it’s time to go.
N.B.: program may be changed due to flight schedule or wind conditions.