South Rout (SATAYAH)

Shaab Sharm On the East Side of the reef, at 30-meters depth you can see a swarm of Barracudas, Snappers and Groupers.

The lagoon Shaab Samadai (Marine park since 2004, to protect the dolphins).
The place also called Dolphin House has caught the attention and many diving and snorkelling enthusiasts have always wanted to visit this place and for good reason; swimming or diving close to dolphins is a treat for people to accompany one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet.
At the exteriors of the reef there are "Drop-offs" and at one "Erg" you can discover very interesting caves at 5 meters depth.

Shaab Maksur: The south plateau offers several caves where glassfish, groupers and morays hide among the corals.
With luck on your side you will see sharks at the edge of the plateau.

Abu Galawa: Here a wreck lies in 18 meters, which sank in the 50s.
It is covered with hard corals extensively, that it takes a longer while till you recognize the bridge, rail and the funnel of the ship.
The wreck is very appealing for every photographer.
Also, it is preferable to do a night dive at such wreck.