Daedalus Rout

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Round trip distance: 450 km
The Brother Islands are considered one of the best diving spots in the world. They are formed of: Big Brother and Little Brother; two small isolated islands that are situated at some 60 km from the coast.
Daedalus Reef is nearly 96 km away from the Egyptian coast. The cruise trip to the reef takes about 6 hours from Marsa Alam A lighthouse present in this area forms the only break on the horizon for many miles in any direction.
The lighthouse on Daedalus was built 1861 by the British and visiting the lighthouse is free of charge and the view is breath-taking while climbing the stairs to the top. Here the chances to see a whitetip shark turning up every afternoon are big. Other sharks and tuna can be found here as well.
Diving varies where one dive such as Sha'ab Maksour has drop off and drift dive spots, Sha'ab Claudio has caves and the local Napoleon fish that greets visitors most of the time.
Sha'ab Sharm offers a good point for observing passing sharks.
On the way back to port we maybe can stop at the famous Elphinstone